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Nationwide Paintball  Newcastle

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Nationwide Paintball Newcastle

The Best Paintballing Deals Newcastle.

Nationwide Paintball Newcastle is just off the A19 near Seaham, we are able to serve Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham Middlesbrough, Hartlepool and Darlington. Come to us for an action-packed day of adrenaline-filled activities. Our smashing Newcastle site is a bumper 200 acres of the paint-splashing battleground, full to bursting with bunkers, barricades and blistering action. You’ll find more fun than you can cope with blasting away your mates while playing your way through all of our madcap games, like Grab The Flag, Once you’re signed in, our staff will help kit you up and prepare you for battle. Freshly laundered combat overalls are provided to cover you from top to bottom and absorb the splats.

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Our Packages

Free Mask 200

Free Mask | 200 Paintballs | Park Admission | Equipment | Gun Hire | Gas Refills | Marshals


Free Mask 500

Free Mask | 500 Paintballs | Park Admission | Equipment | Gun Hire | Gas Refills | Marshals


Frequently asked questions

The Best Paintball Deals Nationwide.

Whats the minimum age?

All players must be 12 years of age or older to play at Nationwide Paintball. This is required for insurance purposes.  We do have a game that adults and those under 18 can play in the same teams and/or games. This product is called Splatmaster where kids of 8 years plus can play. Check out Splatmaster on our website for more info.

How many paintballs will I use?

You will use on average 300 to 600 paintballs in a session. Paintballs can be purchased on the day, but for the best price, you are best to pre-buy your paintballs in a package.

What should we bring with us to play paintball?

Each player should wear loose, comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear suitable for a woodland environment. You should also remember to bring cash or credit/debit cards in order to purchase extra paintballs, pyrotechnics, lunch and any other refreshments you may require.




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 Black Heddon, Belsay, Tyne and Wear NE20 0JR, NE20 0JR

 Open 7 days a week

Nationwide Paintball Newcastle

The Best Paintballing Deals Newcastle.



This paintballing in Newcastle scenario is a favourite for new and experienced paintball players. Your team’s aim is to capture the opponent’s flag.
Defend your flag from the incoming attackers and send out your own paintball warriors to search for theirs. If your team is getting flanked, direct your experienced players to stand and fight. One paintball can make a difference in this close quarters game so leave nothing to chance and take our every enemy player.
This Paintball Newcastle zone is one of the original paintball games that tests your strategy, reflexes and stamina.


Our corridor game zone is unique to Paintball Newcastle and a firm favourite for our return paintball teams.
Along a 70 metre corridor, netting creates narrow passageways that force you to face your opponents head on.
Direct your paintballing team to look your enemy in the eye as you drive through the wave of paintball fire. There is no retreating in this scenario and forward is the only option, so send your bravest players up front and behind to push your team to attack.


Deposit your explosive cargo in your enemy’s base to be victorious. Both teams will get a chance to attack and defend in this intense Paintball Newcastle game zone.
Your team are attacking so you’re stationed at the base of a large hill. Your mission is to get your barrels into the opponent’s camp to blow it up and destroy their hopes of winning the game.
This scenario requires you to think on your feet and create detailed tactics that your squad can follow. Launch the attack with a stealth team attempting to break through the enemy barracks. Create diversions and flank the enemy from all sides so your fastest players will have a clear route to hide the barrels.


Grab the bunker is a simple, but addictive, scenario. Each paintballing team is given a bunker to defend and the team that gets the most members of their squad into the opposition’s bunker wins.
This game zone needs tight tactics for your team to be victorious. You can choose to assault the base and attempt to floor the enemy, flushing them out into the open, or defend your base till the last player is standing.
Coach your team on your enemy’s weak points and give every individual a role in this battle.
Paintball Newcastle recommends this zone for team building days as it gives every player a chance to contribute towards a paintball win for your squad.

Nationwide Paintball Newcastle. The best paintballing deals in Newcastle.

Go Nationwide Paintballing Newcastle is a pay as you go package to play paintball in Newcastle. The package includes entrance fees, game fees, paintball insurance, paintball marker gun, paintball hopper and propellant for the whole day.

NEWCASTLE PREMIER PAINTBALL VENUE;  Black Heddon, Belsay, Tyne and Wear, Nearest Postcode: NE20 0JR.

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