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About Nationwide Paintball


An outdoor activity provider with 23 years of experience.
We have developed an outstanding reputation for delivering paintballing excellence over the last 2 decades.
Based from our Edinburgh office we are 100% management owned.

Nationwide represents the ultimate paintballing experience – we have been leaders in the paintball industry for over 20 years. What makes us different from the competition. Our first-class facilities; highly-developed, imaginative paintball Game Zones; top-of-the-range equipment; impeccable safety record; and a variety of paintballing packages targeted to suit your needs. You can play paintball for 12 years of age, Splatmasetr is an introduction to paintball and can be played from 8 years of age, we also provide Lasertag.

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Lasertag  is a non-contact product and can be played for 8 years of age. A state-of-the-art team game using infra-red light called laser tag equipment. When asked “What is Laser Tag?” we describe it as an all action, zero impact, action game played outside in the fresh air by all ages from 8 years upwards. If you play the XBox, PLAYSTATION you will love this. As popular video games such as Halo2, Call of Duty, Quake and Counterstrike can now be played for real.

Price Includes:

  • Check Availability to find the closet venue to you
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • 2 Hours sessions for 10 players
  • Equipment – Laser tagger
  • As many games as we can play in 2 Hours



Splatmaster is Low Velocity Paintball Product and can be played for 8 years of age.

Price Includes:

  • Check Availability to find the closet venue to you
  • Unlimited SplatMaster Paintballs.
  • 2 Hour sessions for up to 10 players Additional Players
  • Rental Equipment – JT Splatmaster Pump Shotgun, JT Splastmaster Optix goggle
  • You’ll play 2 Competition games at our shooting range with pistols and guns
  • Then you’ll play 4 Player vs Player games in our specially created Splatmaster fields.

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