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At last – an action-packed learning experience your pupils will be eager to try. Nationwide School Paintball offers tailored packages for students aged 12 to 17, designed to develop the pupils’ confidence, problem-solving skills, and ability to work as a team. Paintball is not just a game – it’s a fun way to get fit, take in some fresh air and build character and qualities that will help students with schoolwork and life. School paintball teaches students to communicate and work towards a goal by engaging them in structured game scenarios.

For schools, sports clubs or youth centres, Nationwide Paintball is a great way to bring shy students out of their shells or to help energetic pupils channel their energy in a productive way. We’ve seen lots of students leave our venues beaming with satisfaction, their confidence in themselves and their ability to take on difficult tasks at an all-time high.

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Nationwide’s school paintballing programmes are carefully planned to suit educators’ and parents’ schedules, with the entire outing (including travel time to and from the school) taking place within standard school hours. All safety and game equipment is provided.

Nationwide has a long-established reputation as the UK’s foremost paintball provider, and our strict standards have ensured an impeccable safety record. Our state-of-the-art facilities are clean and spacious and we keep all our equipment carefully maintained.

Our highly trained staff will be on hand every moment of the day to ensure that proper safety measures are being observed, as well as to offer friendly advice on strategy and technique and to make sure that all students are involved in the games and having a good time. We also endeavour to accommodate all special requests, such as creating new games specially designed to develop particular skills. Please contact our Events Coordinator for more information on our unique learning opportunities.



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