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Nationwide Paintball provides the ultimate fun day out an action-packed,fast-paced adventure combining strategy, imagination,and sheer exhilarating excitement. Get together a group of your mates and do something completely different from your normal social routine.You really haven’t experienced paintball until you’ve played Nationwide paintball, we’ve set the bar high for imaginative,exciting game scenarios and detailed, custom-built Game Zones.

Work out a cunning winning strategy, or simply throw yourself into the action as you work to capture your target in scenarios such as The Black Fortress, Stagecoach Standoff, Doctor Who or The Crypt.We have the best facilities in the UK clean, spacious and well laid-out. It’s our attention to detail and insistence on quality that sets us apart from all competitors.

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When you arrive at one of our sites, your group will be assigned a designated team leader to go over the safety brief, explain how to use the markers and talk you through the game scenario – as well as offer insider tips on winning tactics.

You’ll then receive your equipment, paintballs and markers as well as your suit, mask and gloves, all clean and vacuum-packed. Nationwide uses only top-end equipment, and our quality and safety records are impeccable.

We cater for groups of all sizes and ages (12 years and up). It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before paintball is great fun regardless of ability, and you’ll get a crack at the practice range before you start. You don’t have to be particularly sporty, either paintball is as much about brains and strategy as it is about physical fitness.

Snacks are available to purchase on site, and we can even supply a picnic lunch to keep you fuelled for further games. So come experience Nationwide paintball, for a day out that’s simply unforgettable.


To book now call us on 0844 247 3272