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Lasertag Venues

Over 50 venues throughout the UK

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The Best Lasertag Deals Nationwide.

Lasertag is a hi-tech action game where each player has a tagger which emits a harmless laser beam for aiming and an IR beam The point of the game is to try and score as many points as possible by tagging players in the opposing team, whilst not being tagged yourself. When players are tagged they loss lives. Once all their lives are loss the lase tagger deactivates until reset for the next game.

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Frequently asked questions

The Best Lasertag Deals Nationwide.

Is Lasertag safe?

Absolutely! The gaming areas provide a safe and fun experience. The equipment uses Infra-Red technology, which is a safe invisible light, and low power lazers. There are no projectiles like paintball to cause bruises. Our Game Referees monitor each mission to ensure all rules of engagement are followed.

What Are The Age Requirements To Play Lasertag?

Participants aged 8 plus can play. Kids under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult (one adult can take responsibility for multiple kids).

What Equipment Is Supplied?

Each player will receive a Laser gun with attached sensor headband.


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