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The Best Splatmaster Deals Nationwide.

SplatMaster is a new activity to the UK, providing a low impact alternative to Paintball for younger players from 8 years of age. Splatmaster was engineered so kids (and adults) ages 8+ could easily, load, and fire. Nationwide Paintball now provides this activity offering a safe, friendly alternative to Paintball.

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Frequently asked questions

The Best Splatmaster Deals Nationwide.

What the difference between paintball and splatmaster?

Think of it like “kid-friendly” paintball. Younger players 8 + will play a variety of different paintball style games, but with guns that shoot about half the speed of a regular paintball gun. These guns are spring-loaded and fire at a velocity of 150 FPS, which is about half the speed of a standard paintball gun. At this rate, you can see your ammo fly through the air before you get the satisfaction of seeing your splat.

How many paintballs do we get?

Unlimited paintballs are supplied in your two hour session.

What Equipment Is Supplied?

Each player will receive a rental gun, ammunition, and a mask. Splatmaster private groups come with chest protectors at no charge.


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