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The best lasertag deals in Yarm

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Nationwide Paintball Yarm

The Best Paintballing Deals Yarm.

Set in the deepest woodland, it is superbly located for all groups coming from all over the North Yorkshire area for an action packed day.

The Paintball Middlesbrough venue boasts some great natural features along with some of the best game zones in the North East.Here at our Yarm venue in Near Middlesburgh North Yorkshire we offer a variety of paintball packages for fun days out, birthday parties, stag & hen groups, corporate team building and school and Scout activity days.

At Nationwide Paintball Yarm you can expect the same quality of paintballing that you will encounter in Nationwide Paintball sites across the UK. Nationwide Paintball Yarm Facilities in Yarm are also optimised to make your day of paintballing as pleasant as possible. We use the best equipment to ensure a fun day out while keeping you safe. There are many battle arenas to get stuck into, each with its own unique characteristics and challenging mission objective – from BLACK HAWK DOWN to THE CASTLE. Whether it’s a venue for an adrenaline-fuelled birthday party you are after, a fun day out with family and friends or some downtime with fellow employees; come one come all! We specialise in unforgettable activities that leave visitors eager for their next visit.

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Our Packages

Free Mask 200

Free Mask | 200 Paintballs | Park Admission | Equipment | Gun Hire | Gas Refills | Marshals


Free Mask 500

Free Mask | 500 Paintballs | Park Admission | Equipment | Gun Hire | Gas Refills | Marshals


Frequently asked questions

The Best Paintball Deals Nationwide.

Whats the minimum age?

All players must be 12 years of age or older to play at Nationwide Paintball. This is required for insurance purposes.  We do have a game that adults and those under 18 can play in the same teams and/or games. This product is called Splatmaster where kids of 8 years plus can play. Check out Splatmaster on our website for more info.

How many paintballs will I use?

You will use on average 300 to 600 paintballs in a session. Paintballs can be purchased on the day, but for the best price, you are best to pre-buy your paintballs in a package.

What should we bring with us to play paintball?

Each player should wear loose, comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear suitable for a woodland environment. You should also remember to bring cash or credit/debit cards in order to purchase extra paintballs, pyrotechnics, lunch and any other refreshments you may require.




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Corporate Paintball


 Haggit Hill Lane, Yarm, TS15 0AA

 Open 7 days a week

Nationwide Paintball Yarm

The Best Paintballing Deals Yarm.

Yarm Nationwide Paintball 4

The Castle. It may look small but it is a very defendable position and great fun to attack. Your team have been tasked to protect a nearby weapons facility. However, are you able to protect The Castle when the enemy starts knocking on the door? Attack and defend games are some of the best to put individual players to the test. Who will cower in fear and who will rise to the challenge?

Yarm Nationwide Paintball 1

The Chopper that was sent out on a recon mission has been shot down by anti-aircraft weaponry situated deep behind enemy lines. Your Paintball Middlesbrough Commander has briefed you in the mission objective – you must get to the Chopper before the enemy to save the potentially injured crew and recover the intelligence documents left onboard. If you fail the crew are certain to be held captive and the enemy will be handed all of your carefully planned paintballing strategies. Collect your team, work together and trust your instincts to reach the Chopper and force the enemy back into retreat.
Yarm Nationwide Paintball 3

Your team has secretly been manufacturing land mines in the depths of the Paintball Yarmwoodlands and have recently begun trialling them on various military vehicles. But your secret is out and the Government Enforcers are on their way to shut you down. All you have is your paintballing markers to defend yourself, your compound and your work. The Government will attempt to take anything as evidence and will be after prisoners to interrogate. Another great paintball scenario at Paintballing Middlesbrough that is hugely popular with all players

With Game Zones like the Train Stop

Nationwide Paintball Yarm.The best paintballing deals in Yarm.

Go Bedlam  is a pay as you go package to play paintball at Yarm. The package includes entrance fees, game fees, paintball insurance, paintball marker gun, paintball hopper and propellant for the whole day.

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YARM PREMIER PAINTBALLING VENUE; Haggit Hill Lane, Yarm, North Yorkshire, TS15 0AA.

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