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Nationwide Lasertag Lasertag In Tyneside

 Scott's House Farm, Newcastle Road, West Boldon, NE36 0BE

The best paintballing deals in Lasertag In Tyneside

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Nationwide Lasertag Lasertag In Tyneside

The Best Lasertag Deals and experiences in Lasertag In Tyneside. 

Is the perfect choice for corporate and school groups seeking a team-building activity with a twist; hen, stag and birthday parties looking for an experience to remember; plus groups of friends who simply want an action-packed day away from their normal routine. Nationwide Outdoor Lasertag South Tyneside provides exciting, team-oriented combat games suitable for anyone aged 7 years to 60 years young. Nationwide Lasertag is a new combat experience that is taking the world be storm and is currently operating in more than 30 countries. The Laser tagger is an infra-red light technology, which is totally safe and is used by the Royal Marine Commandos for combat simulation training. The Lasertags fire an invisible infra-red beam up to 200 meters and come with great realistic sound effects.

Team Group Lasertag. You can play Nationwide Outdoor Lasertag in all weathers, all year round and even in the snow. At Nationwide Lasertag centres we specialise in organising team building combat activities that help promote your team-building skills. Our team creates combat missions that will encourage corporate teams to achieve realistic goals through team cooperation and organisation. Nationwide Lasertag is a combat experience that everyone can enjoy on an equal playing field whether you are a beginner or a practiced combat game veteran.

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The Best Lasertag Deals Nationwide.

Is Lasertag safe?

Absolutely! The gaming areas provide a safe and fun experience. The equipment uses Infra-Red technology, which is a safe invisible light, and low power lazers. There are no projectiles like paintball to cause bruises. Our Game Referees monitor each mission to ensure all rules of engagement are followed.

What Are The Age Requirements To Play Lasertag?

Participants aged 8 plus can play. Kids under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult (one adult can take responsibility for multiple kids).

What Equipment Is Supplied?

Each player will receive a Laser gun with attached sensor headband.




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 Scott's House Farm, Newcastle Road, West Boldon, NE36 0BE

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Nationwide Lasertag Lasertag In Tyneside

The Best Lasertag Deals Lasertag In Tyneside.

We use the very latest sophisticated replica gaming guns to run mock missions in the woodland environment. The Laser taggers not only look authentic but are similar in weight, size, sound and muzzle flash but without the projectile. Our combat missions challenge gamers by offering objectives such as capture the base, rescue hostages, protect VIPs and other dramatic scenarios. Outdoor Lasetag activities are perfect for birthday parties, team-building events, school outings, stag and hen parties, corporate events or just a great day out with your friends.

Outdoor Lasertag at Nationwide Tyneside

Play Outdoor Lasertag at Nationwide Tyneside and enjoy the best price state-of-the-art, all action, safe, zero-impact, team game. Lasertag Tyneside particularly suits teenagers who enjoy combat games and are familiar with the concept from computer games, making it an ideal fun and exciting way to enjoy your 16th and/or 18th Birthday parties.  Lasertag is also ideal for Corporate Team Building days, Family Fun Days, Youth Groups, Stag parties, Hen weekends, Birthday celebrations. In Lasertag games there is NO projectile involved with outdoor laser-gaming, No goggles, No masks, no protective gear needed. Laser tag attracts a much broader market as there is no bruising, unlike paintball, where all sexes enjoy the game. You can play outdoor lasertag games from 8 years of age.

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