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Nationwide Lasertag Edinburgh

 Craigton Farm, Craigton House, Winchburgh, Edinburgh, EH52 6PY

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Nationwide Lasertag Edinburgh

The Best Lasertag Deals and experiences in Edinburgh. 

Nationwide Lasertag Edinburgh is the capital’s premier Lasertag venue. Designed and operated by true Lasertag enthusiasts, there’s nowhere better for an adventurous day out in Edinburgh. Lasertag simply doesn’t get any more exciting than this, whether you’re looking to blow off steam with your mates, host an unforgettable birthday, hen or stag party, or organise a school or corporate day out.

Nationwide Lasertag Edinburgh’s purpose-built facility is only 20 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh and is easily accessible from the M9, the M90 or the M8.

The wooded site contains a number of Nationwide Lasertag’s realistic, individual Game Zones, each setting the scene for a particular game scenario. Enter the field and find yourself facing an occupied communications tower; an eerie, seemingly abandoned village; vast, imposing badlands; or a dense, disorienting jungle. It all adds up to some of the most exhilarating Lasertag in the UK.

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Minimum Booking of 10 Players | Park Admission | Equipment | Gun Hire | Marshals | Unlimited Ammo | Extra Players £35


Frequently asked questions

The Best Lasertag Deals Nationwide.

Is Lasertag safe?

Absolutely! The gaming areas provide a safe and fun experience. The equipment uses Infra-Red technology, which is a safe invisible light, and low power lazers. There are no projectiles like paintball to cause bruises. Our Game Referees monitor each mission to ensure all rules of engagement are followed.

What Are The Age Requirements To Play Lasertag?

Participants aged 8 plus can play. Kids under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult (one adult can take responsibility for multiple kids).

What Equipment Is Supplied?

Each player will receive a Laser gun with attached sensor headband.




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 Craigton Farm, Craigton House, Winchburgh, Edinburgh, EH52 6PY

 Open 7 days a week

Nationwide Lasertag Edinburgh

The Best Lasertag Deals Edinburgh.

Nationwide Outdoor Lasertag Edinburgh

Nationwide Edinbugh is simple the best outdoor lasertag in Edinburgh .We have fantastic Games zones creating a state of the art Experience of being part of a real life computer game set outdoors with over 8 games zones. Nationwide Laser tag at Edinburgh is the perfect choice for corporate and school groups seeking a team-building activity with a twist; hen, stag and birthday parties looking for an experience to remember; plus groups of friends who simply want an action-packed day away from their normal routine.

The ultimate Laser Tag venue with superb movie-set game zones packed with features to deliver the very best parties, corporate events and days out. All equipment and combat suits are provided for all players. A normal session consists of 6-8 games staged in 2-3 different zones, with teams swapping sides on each map.  Nationwide  Laser Tag is an up-to-date version of Quazer or Laser Quest, bringing 90’s style laser into the present with computer game realism.

Edinburgh Best Outdoor Lasertag

We believe we offer something completely unique. Where else can you play Outdoor Laser tag with the latest military hardware, shooting out of buildings with or 8 different playing areas Nationwide Laser tag offers a fantastic experience all year round.

Awesome Laser Tag Parties

Lasertag is a safe, thrilling, fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping team-based war game where teams battle it out to be victorious. Using state of the art 100% safe ‘laser’ rifles that fire a beam of Infra-red light just like your TV remote, players aim to score enough hits on their enemy’s head to reduce their lift points to 0 and eliminate them.
Our games consist of many different scenarios and objective-based missions ranging from simple Last Team Standing to complex multi-objective strategic missions.
Most importantly of all Laser Tag is amazing fun. It is suitable for ages 8+ and unlike paintball… there’s no pain

Outdoor Laser tag at Nationwide Edinburgh

Play Outdoor Laser tag at Nationwide Edinburgh and enjoy the best price state-of-the-art, all action, safe, zero-impact, team game. Laser tag Edinburgh particularly suits teenagers who enjoy combat games and are familiar with the concept from computer games, making it an ideal fun and exciting way to enjoy your 16th and/or 18th Birthday parties.  Laser tag is also ideal for Corporate Team Building days, Family Fun Days, Youth Groups, Stag parties, Hen weekends, Birthday celebrations. In Laser tag games there is NO projectile involved with outdoor laser-gaming, No goggles, No masks, no protective gear needed. Laser tag attracts a much broader market as there is no bruising, unlike paintball, where all sexes enjoy the game. You can play outdoor laser tag games from 8 years of age. We’re not just for birthday parties. Our excellent laser tag sessions are perfect school groups; boarding house activities, reward days, enrichment week and end of term activity days.

Our instructors are used to working with big groups of children of ages 8+ so all you’ll have to do is bring them along and we’ll take care of running the session.

Nationwide Laser Tag  Edinburgh also features Nationwide’s usual high-end facilities and top-notch equipment. What’s more, Nationwide Lasertag Edinburgh is constantly raising the bar with new game scenarios and the very latest equipment. The Best Birthday Party Venue in Edinburgh.


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