IT'S OFFICIAL! Scouts can now play paintball with Nationwide Paintball at over 70 locations throughout the UK.

Get your free pass for Scout Leaders worth £27.95.

Paintball offers Scouts the chance to develop

  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Confidence

“It was a well organised day,
all the staff were lovely and helpful.
Thank you for such a great day out.”
Rebecca McKie

The Game

Scouts will play in five games over the course of a four hour day. Each game has a back-story and Scouts will have to work as a team to devise winning tactics.

The Package

Paintball for Scouts is an great value package - so each player pays the same price.

  • Paintball for Scouts costs £27.95 per person.
  • Each player has 200 paintballs
  • All equipment is supplied
  • Games are planned in advance
  • Scout Leaders play for free (1 for every 15 Scouts)
  • Includes a free team photo

The Facilities

At Nationwide Paintball the facilities are built for convenience, safety and an authentic gaming experience. There are six individual team huts, changing rooms, the marker hut, shop and the game zones.


At Nationwide Paintball we want everyone to have a great experience, that’s why we have some strict, yet simple, safety rules.

  • Masks must always be worn in game zones
  • No markers are allowed in the safe zone
  • Head protection is provided
  • All our sites are insured for £5 million public liability
  • All equipment is maintained to ensure maximum safety

American Sports Data Inc found that in a study of 8 million people, you are 52 times more likely to be injured at Golf than paintball.


At Nationwide Paintball we try to help. We'll provide you with all the following.

  • Parental Consent Forms must be completed and brought to the venue
  • Insurance Proof
  • Risk Assessment Documents
  • Scout Checklist Handout

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